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Hello, my name is Wande, I have been the creator of WSI ESTETICA AKADEMI since 1994 in João Pessoa, Paraiba Brazil, where I started as a small entrepreneur. Here in Sweden we started activities in 2014. I want to inform you that we have a solid education in the area of ​​aesthetics and beauty. Academic training in skin and body care. We recently completed the master's degree in advanced aesthetics here in Europe, in advanced aesthetics and skin care, the master's degree is at an academic level, and can only be done by professionals with university academic training. It is the academic level that every aesthetics professional strives for. We know that taking care of the skin as a whole requires knowledge and extensive training that is acquired over years of studies. Especially when it comes to advanced treatments such as intradermotherapy, lasers, peelings and others. Finally, I want to inform you that I have all the education and training, and can offer complete security in aesthetic treatments. At the clinic you will have access to all of our training, all authenticated by the competent bodies.

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A little about our concept

Our concept in treatments is based on and inspired by one of the countries that is number one when it comes to beauty and technological advancement, and it comes from Brazil. With our expertise, you can achieve the result you always wanted, light, firm and youthful. We take care of your needs and adapt exactly to your preferences. Check out what services we offer below and contact us to plan your first visit!

Contact us

We are always moving forward and growing, for partnerships get in touch

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